Mihail Ksida

Mihail Ksida

Classical & Jazz Clarinet


Mihail Ksida is the international award-winning clarinet soloist of Odessa Philharmonic. He also plays with the Chamber Orchestra of Odessa Philharmonic under the direction of the Merited Artist of Ukraine, Igor Schavruk; in duos with Viola Demidova (piano) and Dmitry Zemsky (guitar); as well as with the ethno-collaboration ZIRA.

Ksida’s talents are multi-faceted. His love of 40s swing and latin jazz led him to form the Mihail Ksida Quartet, an ensemble in which he displays his broad vocal skills in addition to his virtuosic instrumental flair.

Mihail Ksida gives performances that are distinguished by an exceptional frankness and energy in Ukraine and throughout the rest of Europe.

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