Cuarteto Tango Indigo

Cuarteto Tango Indigo

Argentine Tango


Friendship, passion, curiosity, and generosity: these are the driving forces behind the contemporary ensemble Cuarteto Tango Indigo.

Luis Semeniuk (piano), Matthias Ernst (clarinet), Marie-Jeanne Sunier (violin), and Jérémy Vannereau (bandoneon) have teamed up to develop a modern sound that pushes the boundaries of the popular Argentine form, and yet remains rooted in the “traditions” of the great tango composers like Astor Piazzolla, Nicolas Ledesma, and Leopoldo Federico.

Tango Indigo regularly join forces with renowned folk singers and award-winning tango dancers to create sensual choreographed performances that are a feast for the eyes, ears, and soul.

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