Alexandre Souillart

Alexandre Souillart

Classical Saxophone


Laureate of the prestigious Adolphe Sax competition, “Best New Talent of the ADAMI” (2010) and dedicated promoter of original compositions for saxophone, Alexandre Souillart is also one of the most versatile classical saxophonists of his generation.

His carefully designed concert programs – ranging from transcriptions of romantic works, John Williams’ concerto, or the most challenging contemporary works – always surpass the expectations of the audience. Engaging and accessible, the concert titles alone are an invitation to a unique musical journey: “From Berlioz to Debussy, the history of the saxophone”; “Rising sun”, featuring works of Japanese composers; “Mignardises: French music from 1910 to 1950”… to name a few.

Driven by the belief that performers must commit to the music of our days, he is also a strong advocate of contemporary music, and regularly collaborates with famous composers such as Frédéric Durieux, Philippe Leroux and many others.

The outstandingly energetic, bold and creative performances of Alexandre Souillart have long been appreciated in European and Asian countries, where he is regularly invited to give concerts and masterclasses. Ukraine, Norway, Paris, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand are just a few of the places where he has had the opportunity to share his passion for his instrument.

Souillart is also a highly sought after orchestral saxophonist. He has played Berio’s Sinfonia with the Ensemble Intercontemporain conducted by Jonathan Nott (2011), and has performed with the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris as well as the Ensemble Itineraire.

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